Company Formation means Trust

We form companies on your behalf in any country of the globe, we open bank accounts and offer a wide selection of nominee services.

UK Limited Company

In the United Kingdom we offer formation services and administration of your corporation.

German Companies

We offer the German company formation for UG and GmbH to very competitve prices.
Form your UG company for EUR 698 all cost included.

American LLC

Form an American Series LLC in Delaware for just EUR 68 within less than 24 hours. Guaranteed.

Easily appoint Nominees

for Directors and/or Shareholders

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About us

25 years experience in International Finance

When our founder 25 years ago after working for a large German bank went to Australia to live and work there he did not have a clue this would be the start for a long successful career in International Finance.

The International consultancy firm PAN21 was formed as a result of several shareholdings first in Germany and one year later was transfered to London. The office in London acts as European HQ and takes care of clients from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the UK and Ireland.To use our services you dont have to jump in a plane. You can consult us by email, live-chat, whatsapp and phone. We provide local phone access to countries like Germany, Austra, Switzerland, the United States and outher countries.

We are specialised in company formation, mediation, company restructuring and trusts. We open bank accounts in man countries and advise in silent investments and private investors.

We gurantee a high level of discretion and the ability to use complicated situation in your favour.

We look forward meeting you personally.

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Our Activities

We are a digital full-service consultancy working on behalf of our clients with a high level efficiency.

Legal Advise

Some of our partners are also partners in law firms from Germany and the UK. If you dont enjoy advise from your own lawyers we are happy to do so if we are requested.

Silent Investments

Looking for an Investor? We can give you solid advise if you are uncertain what to do. We can also help to evaluate offers from people who want to invest. Some of our partners are executives from venture capital companies.

Private Share Markets

We are able to list your private company on private stock markets, -for a fraction of the cost you would pay with an IPO.

Company Formation

England, Ireland, Spain, Germany, United States,Dubai, Egypt, Cyprus, Caribbean, Cook Islands, Australia, New-Zealand, Hong Kong and several other countries belong to our main activities.

Opening of Bank Account

It does not matter if you want to pen a bank account in your own name or in the naame of your company. We can help you in many countries fast and very efficient..

PAN21 Trust

We provide cost efficient and fast nominees as directors and/or shareholders. This can be necessary if you dont want to act officially for the company.

More about us

We do not maintain expensive office space but administrate work from many International work stations by internet and phone. This saves lots of money, and our clients benefit from combined expertise and economic prices.

Our International network has direct access to many company registrars worldwide.
Most changes and registrations are done online within seconds.
Our online system saves money and energy.
If necessary we provide nominees with excellent bonafides.

What our clients say

"In a really difficult situation we got help very fast and cost efficient. This team has the ability and the experience to always act very balanced and from a strong level of superiority"
Bernard Bay
Managing Director
“I needed an experienced nominee and found him here within 2-3 days. I look forward to continue working with you.”​
Ralf von Berg
“I have formed a company in the United Kingdom in less than 24 hours including company registration and publication.I was able to close contracts and was able to earn money immediately.”​
Robin Sharma

Some of our partners

Business Lawyer

John is specialist for asset protection plans and prefers working for clients with International background. He was involved in commercial laws for several American states and works in our partner office in Miami.

Junior Partner

Taylor is managing our office in Thailand (Pattaya) and is busy in Thai company formation and account openings. He speaks fluent German, English and Thai.

Investment Funds available
Formation cost for a UK Limited
Formation cost for a German UG
Annual Salary for Nominee Services (Director/Shareholder)