Finance / Investment

We maintain contacts and relations with global Finance Institutions, Banks and Investor Companies.

If you are looking for private investors please look at

Here you can introduce your loan offer directly to several private Investors and Investment companies.

Ifr you ideas dont fit with the requirements of the Investors you will be able to publish a free Investment-Offer on the same website.

Should you be in need of additional capital for your company you might find the offer of PAN Capital interesting and this can be found here:

PAN-Capital helps you to increase the assets of your balance sheet.

Should you wish to improve your credit rating please go to

and you will find several options to do s.

offers to possibility to contact Business-Angels

On the website

you have the possibility to open bank accounts online and without visiting the bank in person, and finally you have the possibility to chose from many attractive offers for credit cards (prepaid and credit).