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Limited & Co. KG and German Branch of UK Limited

Following many requests from our Clients we are now forming German KGs (with UK Limited as the Director carrying the liability) and German Branches of a UK Foreign Company registered with German Company House. Details and more Information can be found on our website

Get Advise about your Tax-Situation!

There are clients who under all circumstances want to form a company in a tax heaven. They form their company somewhere in the Caribbean, print nice colourful letterheards and are shocked when their local Tax Office does not reckognize it. Why is this very often happening? In many cases the company maintains just a letter […]

Be careful with Private Loans

Private funds from Arabic Billionaires or from the Widow of Saddam Hussein…. -there is a long list of fraudulent offers promising easy money and easy loans. However, many Business People still believe it is easy to get fast and easy funds to finance projects. They are wrong. To be able to apply for a loan […]